Going Nowhere

Here’s a completely pointless movie I made from video shot for my last blog post but never used.  It’s a minute and a half of bike riding in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, with a banjo soundtrack.  Enjoy!

Bike Writing in New York City

The launch last Monday of New York City’s much-anticipated bike-sharing program, the largest in the nation, set off a flurry of writing about biking in that city.  What most impressed me about the pieces, though, was not their number; it was the wide variety of media, modes, and styles used.  From the point of view […]

Up and Down

In April, I took several day-long bicycle trips from a cabin in Laurel Springs, North Carolina, both north and south on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The furthest I went south was to the Northwest Trading Post in Glendale Springs, NC, on April 13, 2013.   The cabin is about 0.8 mile from the Parkway (milepost 246), […]