Writing with Maps

Here’s a short movie, exported from Keynote, about teaching writing with maps.  My goal was to collect examples of the kinds of maps that my students might create or use in their own writing about place.  Let me know what you think!  (There’s no audio on this one; as a couple of you have already suggested, voice-over narration would have been nice here.)

My plan is to do something similar for podcasting, movies, and photo essays – that is, find examples that will inspire students and model multimedia composing about place.  If you know good examples of online, multimedia writing about place, send them my way!

One thought on “Writing with Maps

  1. I really love the idea of Writing with Maps. I can see a whole course on the history of maps, maps as rhetoric, etc. You could even have them do something like the history person showed us the other day where students go to different historical marker sites or historic sites and plug those into a main map and do additional research or ethnographies on them. Plus, I think the name of your blog is amazing!!

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